June 9, 2016


Credit Solutions | Your Credit Repair Partner We at Credit Solutions understand that there are many choices when searching for credit repair ,but caution is required when making your selection.  As a reputable credit repair company, Credit Solutions is exactly what our name claims to be….a Credit Solutions and Credit Repair Company. As the fast, friendly credit repair firm, Credit Solutions is registered with the state of Texas as a Credit Services Organization and bonded fully as required by the Credit Repair Organization Act.  Being that we are committed credit repair specialists, we work with clients throughout the Texas landscape in addition to working with clients in Florida, Arizona, California, Illinois, New York, and more.

As a unique organization, we would be delighted to offer you a free consultation to familiarize you with our credit repair expertise and our level of integrity. We genuinely care about your credit and how it impacts on your life. We start the process by exploring the options for your particular situation and determine your credit score. Though this process we uncover how we might be able to help you repair your credit. Please remember; we at Credit Solutions have one goal in mind; to provide you with credit solutions so that you no longer struggle with poor credit.