Credit Repair

39ab3bf46ced9d4856c25205fb92582a_MCredit Repair: “What They Don’t Want You To Know”

Credit repair may seem as a mystery to some, and to others a controversial idea that you can go to a company and get your credit cleaned up just by paying for a service. On top of that there are countless “businesses” that will prey on your situation. These types of places give credit repair a bad name. Then if that wasn’t enough negativity out there you have credit agencies, and banks demonizing credit repair.

 It is in their best interest to, “muddy the waters” so to speak. The reason is because it costs them a lot of money to clean up files that are full of questionable entries. It is estimated by independent study that 74% of credit reports contain inaccurate information that directly damage your credit score.

 “Credit Repair is illegal”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Credit repair is absolutely perfectly legal. It is legal under the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Think of it this way if everyone knew the law and how it applied to them how many of us would continue on with our credit profiles how they are now? Furthermore think of the cost associated with verifying all of that data from millions upon millions of Americans.

 They key point here is to know that unless it is challenged it will remain for up to 7 years. That is 7 years of bad credit, 7 years of being denied, 7 years of paying tens of thousands of dollars more for things in interest, and 7 years of driving that car you hate, or that apartment you want out of so you can buy your dream home.

 Keep believing its illegal America, and keep paying tens of thousands of dollars more in interest the banks sure love it. Keep saving millions of dollars to the credit keepers to not have to comply with the law. Reason, because to be in compliance they only have to act if its challenged.

“Nothing A Credit Repair Firm Can Do That You Cant Do For Yourself”

Can you repair a fuel pump on your car? Can you fix your broken flat panel TV? If so great, I am sure you can figure out how to do your own credit repair. Now Imagine that fuel pump in your car kept going out and other issues developed and created work to be done every day to the vehicle. You can’t cheat and say, “I would just buy a new car” because your credit needs fixed first. So you put work in every day fixing that car being meticulous and really putting forth 110% effort. You also went to the library and studied up on being a mechanic, and gave it hell in the garage.

What if I told you that for less then the cost of a cup of coffee per day I knew a mechanic that would have done all that for you? Now imagine if you had to apply the same work to your credit, but fortunately for you there is a credit repair company that charges less than the cost of a cup of coffee per day. If you still want to figure out how to do it yourself and put all the work into it great, credit repair service isn’t for you then.

“Credit Repair Doesn’t Work”

If credit repair worked it would cost the banks millions upon millions upon millions per month in lost interest. It would be reasonable to surmise that the entities that have the most to lose would be the ones that don’t want you to know that it does in fact work. It also is the law to challenge questionable items on your credit report.

“Anything That Comes Off Is Only Temporary And Comes Back”

This one is a very common one that people seem to think is true. According to the law if an questionable item is inaccurate, misleading or can not be verified it can not be on your credit report under Federal Law.

If its removed from your credit profile then it is removed. A credit repair company should be aware of the credit laws, and they should operate under those laws. Anything else is a scam and would be surprising if you even got your money back. Which brings us to our next point.

“You Cant Trust Anyone In Credit Repair Because Most Are Scams”

This type of reasoning is like looking at a ladder to get out of the hole you are trapped in and not climb it because it just may not be sturdy. The alternative is to stay in the hole and starve. However, the reasoning is certainly understood considering all of the places out there that prey on the credit challenged. It unfortunately creates a stigma for the companies that are doing good for people.

To make sure you can trust the company you are doing business with for credit repair ask these 7 simple questions:

1. How long have you been in businesses?

2. Are you bonded?

3. Do you charge for all services upfront?

4. Do you have a website?

5. Do you offer free consultations?

6. Do you keep me updated on results?

7. Do you offer refunds?

Credit Solutions has been in business for ten years, is bonded, does not charge for your program upfront the only thing charged is an account setup fee, you are reading this on their website, free custom consultations, your always kept up to date on any and all results and refunds should be standard customer service.

Credit Repair at $49 per month less then the price of a cup of coffee per day. Call today risk free no obligation.